Here at Flex physio, we pride ourselves in giving quality treatment to all members of our community. Our physiotherapists come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and have experience in all areas of the profession. We respect your rights as a client and want to give you the best we can offer.


Our treatment rooms comply with the Privacy Act and are completely confidential. We ask you to please wear appropriate clothing for your appointment- loose clothing that allows the physio to access the injury site. If needed, we will provide you with either shorts and/or a modesty gown that ties up in the back.


Flex Physio Sports & Rehab have client confidentiality as our priority. All your personal information you give us can only be accessed by staff at this practice. If further analysis or treatment is required, we will need to gain your consent in order to release your records to another healthcare provider. 


When you come in for treatment, you are more than welcome to bring a support person/chaperone into the treatment room. You have the right to gain a second opinion regarding your treatment outside of our services. If you wish to switch physios either within or outside of our clinic you have the right to do so, and no offence will be taken.


We are constantly striving to improve our service for our clients. To assist us with this process, please feel free to complete our online suggestions/feedback survey.